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Talented Mr. Terp

Lately I  found myself enjoying doing some artworks or designs. I already wrote about designing a poster for the first Azerbaijan Night at the University of Maryland in my A Story of One Night posting. Earlier I designed a logo for Azerbaijan Culture Group student organization. In fact it was a slightly changed version of the new University of Maryland unstoppable brand turtle shell. There were also two unsuccessful attempts at design competitions: one was the annual Design-A-Permit contest run by the university Department of Transportation Services, the other was the university Basketball Fans T-Shirt competition. My design passed the first selection phase at the latter, but got only a “notable mention” as the second runner-up.

But actually this some kind of a talent for art is not something new. I was enjoying drawing from my childhood. Sometime around 1988 I started to spend more time  painting mainly in water-colors. There was even a television program featuring my works and an article in then popular “Gənclik” (Ganjlik, meaning “youth” in Azerbaijani) magazine. It suddenly stopped in 1993, when I started studying at university, but I often used my designing skills during my career. While working at MacCenter starting from 1996 I learned by books various design software such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Probably now my interest in the field of Computer Graphics is deeply rooted in that childhood passion.


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