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Terps in blizzard

Mid-Atlantic was hit again by a cold weather, breaking snowing record in Washington DC area. This time it was bigger that the previous snowstorm we experienced two months ago and it was quickly christened Snowmageddon by media. It is said that the most snowy winter registered in Washington DC area was in 1898-99 with 54.4 inches (1.38 meters). As of Wednesday, 10 February we had 54.9 inches (almost 1.4 meters) so far this winter.

It has started on the last weekend, then we had a relatively warm day on Monday. The second round of snowstorm along with a fierce wind was much stronger. Every night since the last Friday, 5 February we receive an alert at our cell phones and emails about the university campus closure through the UMD Alerts system. So we spent almost a week at our house, going out only for a short walk around the Graduate Hills.

Lucky us, we managed to go shopping at Costco warehouse in Beltsville and bought some food for a week. Every shopping at Costco turns into an adventurous voyage, because the public transport passes by once in an hour. This time in fact we had to take a taxi on our way back, since we missed our bus, because there were more than usual people shopping and longer ques at check out. It turned out that the reason was the weather forecast anticipating this blizzard.


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