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Terps like game development

Game programming has always been attractive for its somehow spectacular results, but it is also a very challenging area at the intersection of different fields such as computer graphics, digital sound, human-computer interaction and networking.

I am observing CMSC 498M – Selected Topics in Computer Science: Game Programming classes this semester. Students forming teams of up to four people are required to submit a programming project, which will determine the 50 per cent of their final grade – a playable game concept of their own.

A good way to learn something is to watch how somebody else is doing it. Overgrowth is an excellent example to learn from by following its development process, as well as marketing strategies. This game by independent game developer Wolfire Games has been recently awarded 2009 editor’s choice award for the best upcoming indie game on ModDB. Here is a trailer showing some of the assets and technology that they have created so far. By the way, the main musical theme by Mikko Tarmia is just awesome.

Playability of a computer game does not depend on photorealistic graphics, it is quite an opposite. Guys at From Software came up with a smart idea of bringing good old pixelised video game memories into the modern 3D game world with 3D Dot Game Heroes. As it can be seen from the trailer they implemented such effects as depth of field and bloom. By the way I liked this old style music very much.


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